Former Trump lawyer Manafort guilty on 8 charges

Paul Manafort, former chairman of Trump’s Presidential campaign, has been found guilty on 8 accounts of the 18 charges against him. He has been convicted of financial wrongdoing during the campaign thus giving Mueller-the Special Counsel, a clear victory in his first trial to prove Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential campaign.

The outcome has been possible after 4 long days of discussions conducted by a 12-member jury. It was found that Manafort is guilty on various counts of financial irregularities like two bank frauds, five tax frauds and on one count of not disclosing the foreign bank account.

The jury could not conclude charges on 10 of the 18 charges which were later declared as mistrials by Judge T.S. Ellis. Manafort has been a known name in Republican politics since many years and the verdict came a severe blow to his reputation earned over the years.

The investigation carried out by Robert Mueller has been denounced by President Trump repeatedly ever since it started. Although, experts have labelled the conviction as a major victory for Mueller, President Trump has distanced himself from it. The charges, however, are woven around the 2016 Presidential campaign of Trump. President Trump termed the verdict as a disgrace and said that, it does not point towards Russian collusion in any way.

The conviction of Paul Manafort happened in tandem with the revelations of former personal lawyer of Trump, Michael Cohen who had pleaded guilty of violations in financing of Trump’s campaign in addition to other charges.

The charges of bank fraud can hand Manafort a jail term of 30 years each but experts have predicted that Manafort will be getting a sentence of 10 years. The verdict has reinforced the faith of many Senators in the American legal system and has given enough reason for Mueller’s probe to be continued without any interference.


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