Bolton warns Syria against use of chemical weapons

US National Security Advisor, John Bolton has stated that US will take strong action if Syrian regime made use of chemical weapons in its fight to retake Idlib. John Bolton, said that Syrian regime is preparing for an assault on Idlib province and the possibility that chemical weapons will be used cannot be completely ruled out.

Idlib has served as a refuge for the civilians and rebels which have been displaced from other pockets of Syria. The region was hit by a series of air strikes earlier this month which were a signal for more severe attack in the making.

US has considerably disengaged from Syria under Trump unlike previous US regimes which had preferred troop deployment and had given restricted support even to the Kurdish rebels primarily due to objections raised by Turkey.

Bolton also clarified that US is not aiming for a change in regime in Iran but is pushing for a change in behaviour of the present regime towards its international responsibilities. Bolton is on a three-day visit to Israel to discuss the current situation in Iran and Syria.

Trump administration has re-imposed tough economic sanctions on Iran to cripple its economy to an extent that it is forced to come to the negotiations table.

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