Microsoft foils Russian hack attack

Microsoft has successfully claimed to have foiled hacking attempt by a hacker group known as Fancy Bears, Strontium and APT-28. The group has links with Russia and was trying to attack the websites linked to various officials, politicians, think-tanks  in the US.

The Digital Crimes Unit of Microsoft has thus closed six websites belonging to the group. Latter were primarily targeting two Republican think-tanks namely the Hudson Institute which takes up burning topics like cybersecurity etc.and the International Republican Institute which generally promotes the democratic principles.

Microsoft has expressed concerns that such activities present grave challenges to the widening array of groups which are linked to the main political parties in US in the wake of November elections.

The hackers were making use of spear phishing technique under which the hackers would send void login pages to get access to username and passwords of the users. The group has widened the scope of its targets lately to include officials, politicians, and other prominent personalities in the political spectrum of US.

Russian hackers tried to attack the staff of various US senators last week. Microsoft has pulled down 84 websites in last couple of years.


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