Islamic State claims responsibility of attacks on security forces in Chechnya

In a sudden surge of violence due to a line of coordinated attacks aimed at the security forces in the autonomous republic of Chechnya in Russia, many security personnel were wounded. The authorities have claimed to killed atleast 5 attackers all being children. The responsibility of the same has been borne by the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

The website of the group, Amaq reported that Islamic State fighters had successfully carried out attacks against the police officers in Chechen. The group has in past as well claimed responsibility of the attacks in which it virtually had not participation.

Experts have stated that the attacks were highly sophisticated, although not much details.

President Ramzan Kadyrov, has stated that the attacks are a culmination of extremist propaganda which confuses young minds and were aimed at tainting the festive spirit of the holy Eid al-Adha.

There were multiple attacks carried out, wherein attackers either detonated the explosives tied to themselves, knife attacks on police personnel and even suicide missions carried out by gas cannisters wherein the vehicle failed to explode. The attacks were carried out in multiple places with the motive to destabilise the entire region and create panic and fear amongst the public. All the attempts were suitably foiled and no officer was killed in the whole operation. Several policemen were wounded in the attack and atleast 5 attackers were killed.


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