Iran showcases its new domestic fighter jet

The Republic of Iran has showcased its first domestically made fighter jet with the statement saying that it was made with the aim of deterrence and also creation of peace in the region. The jet was presented to the public with President Rouhani sitting in the cockpit of ‘Kowsar’. Kowsar was unveiled at the National Defence Industry exhibition at Tehran, is the generation four fighter jet.

It is endowed with highly advanced avionics along with multi-purpose radar. The clips of its test flights have been circulated all over the official media although no live footage of the plane on runway was shared. President Rouhani stressed on the fact to increase the military power of the nation as a potential deterrent against any invasion and thus aimed at peace.

The first public announcement of the plane was made by Defence Minster of Iran Amir Hatami when he had stated only a few facts of the plane. He stated that the defence programme of Iran was fuelled by the harsh memories of the eight-year long war with Iraq in the 1980s and thereby continuous threats by both US and Israel.

US has sold many weapons to the regional rivals of Iran but is demanding Iran to curb its nuclear and missile program and has re-imposed stiff economic sanctions to paralyse the economy.


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