IAEA: North Korean continues its nuclear program unabated

International Atomic Energy Agency, in its recent report has stated that it has not observed any sign of ceasing of nuclear activities, although Kim Jong Un had committed to denuclearise during his June Summit with President Trump at Singapore.

The report has detailed the efforts which are still going on at the nuclear facilities of the country including the Yongbyon plant which is said to be involved in the production of plutonium for fuelling the nuclear weapons. The report has also stated that there is no halt in construction of another reprocessing plant which will be used for extraction of plutonium from the fuel which has already been used by the reactors.

The International Agency has also monitored a site near the capital which could potentially be used for enrichment. Enriched uranium is generally used in nuclear warheads. Yukiya Amano, the chief of IAEA has raised concerns over the revelations about the activities of DPRK.

Kim Jong Un had committed to take concrete steps towards denuclearisation and work towards establishing a Korean peninsula free from nuclear weapons. President Trump had earlier said that he believed North Korea has taken proper steps towards denuclearisation and will likely meet the North Korean leader soon. North Korea on its part has given no signal of its willingness to undergo unilateral denuclearisation as per the US demands. IAEA has monitored the above activity via satellites as they aren’t allowed to enter North Korea.

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