UN can collapse- Human Rights Chief raises concerns

High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, has raised fears and warned the United Nations could completely collapse primarily due to extreme power wielded by the permanent members of the Security Council. The outgoing Chief clearly stated that the veto power held by China, US, Russia, UK and the France shadows much of the business in the world body as the five do not let resolutions moved by other member nations to be passed.

The UN is able to effectively operate only when these five nations are in cooperation mode, else otherwise the whole business becomes stuck and the body becomes witness to immovable conflicts. The 15 members of the UNSC which possess one vote each become dwarf to the veto power of the 5 permanent members which can unilaterally reject the resolutions.

The Human Rights Chief had declared that he will step down from his current role after the four-year term comes to a close at the end of August 2018. He has been openly critical of some of the prominent leaders like President Trump, Duterte of Philippines and has openly advocated against the treatment of Palestinians by Israel and rampant human rights abuses in Syrian battlefield.

Hussein stated that, “All states are works in progress and one or two generations of reckless politicians can destroy any and every state. It’s applicable to the US as well”. Hussein will be succeeded by the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.


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