US: Syria stabilisation plan worth $200m ended

The Department of State has declared to cut the funding of nearly $200m for Syria stabilisation projects. The State department announced that the decision to shift the money is based on the primary contributions from other nations who want to support other vital foreign policy projects priorities.

Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State has directed the department to re-channelize nearly $230 million in stabilization funds for Syria. The fund which was largely pledged by former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, has been under review after he was sacked in March. The fund if not spent would have gone back to the Treasury Department on September 30. A sum of $6.6 million from the amount which was earmarked was released for funding the White Helmets in June. Latter are a voluntary civil defence organisation which is involved in rescuing people after the air-strikes.

Saudi Arabia and UAE are the two nations which have contributed to the loss of funds. They have contributed $100 m and $50m respectively in the last two months.

The decision will have no effect on the humanitarian assistance given by US to Syria. Latter comprises $8.1 billion in humanitarian assistance ever since the start of civil war for the people who have been displaced over the period. There will be no effect on the training programs for local forces by the US military stationed in Syria. Latter is generally from the Department of Defence.

The decision was condemned by the Democrats as a short-sighted plan.

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