Pakistan: Imran Khan takes oath as Prime Minister

Imran Khan has taken oath as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan after his party registered clear victory in July 25 elections. The elections were mired in controversy as they were reported to be conducted under heavy shadow of military which was in favour of Khan.

The oath was administered by Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain at Islamabad and was attended by many famous political, military and sports personalities. Khan was elected as Prime Minister by the Pakistan Parliament after his Pakistan Tehreek -e-Insaf party gained more seats more than any other party. Imran Khan has pledged to bring in more prosperity and accountability to the system.

Although PTI won majority seats but they were short of the majority needed to form the government and had to ally with other independent candidates or small parties to form the government. PTI had won 176 votes while PML-N had only bagged 96.

Imran Khan has emerged to the glory for the first time in his political career of 22 years and has led a tiring campaign against corruption ever since he retired from cricket in 1992. Khan has also stated that he is ready to address any irregularities in the elections and welcomed any investigation into the same.

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