Kofi Annan passes away

Kofi Annan, former chief of UN and Nobel laureate Kofi Annan has passed away at the age of 80 after decades of efforts to bring conflicts in Asia, Africa and Middle East to an end. Annan who was from Ghana took his last breath at a hospital in Switzerland’s Bern. The Kofi Annan foundation announced his death was extreme grief. He died after a brief illness. He was surrounded by his wife and children Ama, Kojo and Nina in his last days.

Annan served as the Secretary-General of UN for two terms from 1997-2006. Post UN he settled to live in a small village at Switzerland. His tenure at UN was full of unparalleled dignity and zeal. Annan had shared the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2001 for his efforts to bring reforms to UN and focus on issues related to human rights. Under his leadership, UN became reckoned with peace efforts to reunite islands of Cyprus and submission of a blueprint for the same. Latter was, however, rejected by Cypriots in 2004.

Annan had completely opposed the  Iraqi-invasion by US and had also served as the first UN-envoy at the beginning of Syrian unrest.

Tributes are pouring in from different corners of the world with all remembering him as a man of great integrity, a thorough gentleman and a tireless leader.


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