Afghanistan: President Ghani visits Ghazni after Taliban siege

President Ashraf Ghani has paid a visit to the war-torn southern city of Ghazni, after one week of Taliban siege into it. The five-day exhaustive battle between Taliban and the Afghan security forces left 100 personnel from Afghan security forces dead along with the death of 35 civilians. The number of casualties has not been verified yet as per a UN report which has put the death toll of civilians at 200. OCHA or UN Office for humanitarian assistance has stated that fighting is still going on the outskirts of the city. Many parts of the city are still facing shortages of water and electricity.

The Afghan aid group namely Afghan Red Crescent is rapidly searching the rubble for more bodies. The group has found 270 bodies so far.

Ghazni is a strategic city and is connected with the capital Kabul by a highway.  President Ghani expressed the need for greater security around the capitals of the districts and the provincial capital.  The government forces have been able to push back the rebels to some extent successfully but Taliban still have control over a large portion of the same.


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