Mike Pompeo forms Iran Action Group

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has formed Iran Action Group which will be special group completely dedicated to lead the country’s Iran approach especially after US withdrawal from the Nuclear Pact. The Group will be headed by Brian Hook, the Director of Policy Planning in the State Department.

Pompeo stated that US remains committed to bring in every effort to bring about a change in Iran’s behaviour and the Group will make sure that US State Department is well-coordinated with all the agencies which cater to this. It will also approach and strike similar terms with nations which share the US vision of the graveness of the threat Iran poses to the region and the world at large.

Pompeo clarified that US will address all the possible manifestations of Iranian threat and closely cover its  wide-ranging destructive activities which were detrimental for peace. IAG will remain committed to US strategy on Iran and Brian Hook will carry the title of Special Representative for Iran. Hook will have a vital role to play in this extremely sensitive area of concern.

Experts at the National Iranian American Council have expressed concern on the move and said that it may lead US on the way to war with Iran. President Trump had expressed his willingness to hold unconditional talks with Iran in July which were outrightly turned down by Iran.

Analysts at the Tehran’s Centre for Strategic Studies have expressed doubts over the seriousness of US Secretary of State of opening a dialogue with Iran without throwing any realistic approach towards legitimate concerns of Iran. Iran’s supreme leader had earlier stated that Iran will not negotiate with US under any threat or intimidation.

US administration has continually increased pressure on Iran by re-imposing pre-deal sanctions. US demands Iran should not only curb its nuclear and missile programme but also considerably scale down its activities in Middle East in addition to criticising the human rights record of Iran. US has also warned all countries who continue to trade in oil with Iran that they will be subject to tough sanctions in November unless the latter is reduced with an approach to completely stopping it. Businesses in Europe have also been warned of tough consequences if they continue to operate in Iran.







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