Kerala, India sees wrath of nature: Worst floods in 100 years

Heavy and continuous rains  over last eight days have led the pristine land to witness worst floods in 100 years. Rains have caused massive flooding and landslides leading to collapse of many houses and bridges. Air and railway services have been severely hit in the southern state of India.

Rescue operations are going on in full force with workers making use of helicopters and boats to evacuate people who have been left stranded by floods on their rooftops. More than 160 people have lost their lives. The rains which came to a stop on Friday was a big relief for the rescue operations as they successfully shifted people to 1200 relief camps run by state. 150,000 people have already been moved to shelter camps.

Statement by Defence Ministry has said that more than 3000 people were rescued by army from 12 districts. PM Modi has asked the Ministry of Defence to step up the rescue operations. Gates of 34 reservoirs in the state have been opened by the state administration as the water touched dangerous levels.  It is estimated that floods have wrecked hundreds of villages in the state and have caused massive infrastructural damage as well.

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