Mali: Ibrahim Boubacar Keita is the new President, wins re-election

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has won the re-election as the President after defeating Soumaila Cisse in a run-off vote.  Keita was declared as a clear winner in the election with 67 percent votes by the Ministry of Territorial Administration.

Cisse the leading opposition candidate had won only 32 percent votes. Cisse has been a former Minister of Finance and had run against Keita in the 2013 elections as well. The victory has secured the next five-year term for Keita. Cisse had blamed Keita for irregularities in the first round of elections. In latter Keita had won 41 percent votes while Cisse had secured 18 percent. The poll was repeated owing to the allegations which although saw much less voter turnout but was again in favour of Keita.

The elections were also influenced by the threats issued by various armed groups which had forced nearly 500 polling stations to remain closed. There was also a death reported of one election official in the Timbuktu region.

Keita will take office on September 5, and will be faced with many challenges of which the major one will be to foster the 2015 Peace Deal with Tuareg rebels and government. The deal had brought in waves of hope but saw difficulties in implementation. Mali, has been the home for over 20 ethnic groups and is largely poor. The landlocked nation has seen and braved attacks by many armed groups for many years.







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