Libya: Court sentences 45 to death over killings in 2011

A Court in Libya, has sentenced 45 people to death for killing 20 people in Tripoli during protests. No further details of the case were mentioned in the statement issued by Ministry of Justice. The killings were carried out by loyalists of Muammar Gaddafi just before he was ousted from power.

54 other persons were awarded a jail sentence of five years for killing 20 people while 22 were acquitted. Relatives of the accused and the defense lawyers were present in the court but not the defendants. It is still not sure if other death sentences which have been granted since 2011 were implemented or not.

Amnesty International has already described Libya’s court system as dysfunctional as the suspects had been held without any judicial oversight and were not given any means to challenge the legality of the detention.

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