Cambodia ruling party wins all seats

The ruling party of Cambodia has swept the election results. Prime Minister Hun Sen’s party has won on all the 125 seats in the National Assembly as confirmed by the state election board. The results released by the state National Election Committee have ensured another five-year term for Prime Minister Hun Sen who has been in power for last 33 years as his Cambodian People’s Party swept the polls.

The rights groups have challenged both the elections and the results as there was no challenger to the prime minister. The elections were considered as illegitimate by the critics and they had asked for a complete boycott of the same especially after the major opposition force-Cambodia National Rescue Party, was silenced by a governmental crackdown. CPP won in all 25 provinces and cities. Hun Sen had promised continued economic development, peace and stability.

Government has however termed the election as successful on the basis of 83 percent of voter turnout. However, there were incidences of intimidation of voters and approximately 600,000 ballots were spoiled.

The main opposition party was banned by the Supreme Court in 2017 and all the 118 members of the same were barred from contesting the elections for next 5 years. The leader of CNRP Kem Sokha was put in jail for treason.

Hun Sen figures among the longest ruling leaders in the world. Sen was instrumental in bringing development and vital infrastructure to the country which had been facing many years of Civil War and the regime of Khmer Rouge under which about 25 percent of the population was killed in a period of 5 years.

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