Yemen: Saudi-led raids pound Hodeidah, 13 killed

Saudi Arabia led coalition forces pounded the province of Hodeidah in Yemen leaving 13 dead and injuring many others. The attack was carried out over a thickly-populated city of Duraihami and ravaged civilian buildings including various health facilities and a mosque. Medical workers  from International Committee of the Red Cross were not permitted to enter the city. ICRC has expressed grave concern due to continued violence and is still assessing the deteriorating situation.

The fight to gain control over the strategic province of Hodeidah has gone more severe in recent weeks as both the Houthis and governmental forces of Yemen backed by Saudi-led alliance push hard to wrestle the same. Hodeidah has remained under Houthis since 2014. It is considered highly strategic as the port of the city is responsible for handling 70 percent of imports in Yemen. Latter majorly comprised humanitarian aid, fuel and food. Saudi Arabia has allegedly stated that Youthis are making use of the port for the illicit smuggling of weapons from Iran.  Houthis make approximately $30m-$40m in a month in revenue from the port.

The three-year old conflict in Yemen which began as the Houthi rebels seized the capital city of Sanaa in 2014. Houthis are reportedly said to have Iranian backing and weapon support. They further pushed towards the biggest city of Aden. It was a stormy rise of Houthis which raised the Arab concerns and led Saudi Arabia-led coalition launch a major offensive against Houthis in 2015. The campaign was undertaken to reinstate Hadi government in Yemen.

The conflict has left more than 10,000 dead and led to a catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Yemen with massive chunk of civilian population which has been displaced has to await food, medicines and aid on a daily basis.


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