Taliban launch a major attack, kill dozens of security forces

In a major attack on the military outpost in Baghlan province of Afghanistan by Taliban, atleast 40 soldiers and policemen have been killed. The attack was given shape in early hours of morning and marks the latest in a series of deadly attacks on military. The checkpoints were set to fire after the attack. Taliban have claimed the responsibility for the attack. The Defence Ministry of Afghanistan have not issued any statement regarding the attack. In another attack, Taliban fighters had overran a complete military base also known as Camp Chinaya in the Faryab province thereby killing 17 soldiers and wounding another 19.

The attack has come in the middle of on-going fighting between Taliban and the security forces in many areas of the country. The Battles in Ghazni have stopped and left many wounded and killed. The hospital of the city is flooded with rush of people struck with panic and searching for loved ones among wounded and dead.

The local residents have stated that the fighting was severe and people had to go without food and water for almost two days and people were forced to hide in basements throughout the Ghazni campaign. Ghazni is a strategic city located on the Kabul-Kandahar highway. It acts as a route between Kabul and Taliban areas in the south. Ghazni has brought untold human suffering. ICRC has provided water and generator sets for conducting trauma surgeries and also sent other material for managing the remains. The city water system was cut since the offensive began. ICRC is trying to provide water which is being provided by trucks for covering the needs of some 18,000 people.

The total number of casualties range from 110 to 150 although the numbers have no official verification. Ghazni attack is seen as a show of force ahead of peace process with US.





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