Italy: Morandi bridge collapse, 35 dead

A 200 metre section of Morandi bridge in north-western region of Italy broke thus leading to fall of all about 30-35 cars and three lorries to a depth of 100 metres, resulting in death of 35 people including a 10-year old girl, as per the local authorities. The survivors are critically injured and are undergoing treatment. The death toll can increase as the authorities continue the search and rescue operations. A team of firefighters, 1000 policemen and many volunteers are working on the scene to search for more survivors. The survivors are expressing shock and disbelief over the whole incident as all they can recall is a loud rumble and a huge fall.

The bridge was a vital link to the port city. It is feared that the remaining portions of the bridge can also collapse and thus the houses in the nearby areas have been evacuated. No reasons have so far been cited for the collapse although an investigation into the same has been set off. The bridge which was 1,182 metres long had been inaugurated in 1967 and had underwent massive reinforcement work in 1990s.

President Sergio Mattarella has expressed grief and has urged the people to support and assist the mourning while calling for an investigation into the causes of what has happened. The Italian highways company, Autostrade per l’Italia  in a  report in 2011 that the bridge is undergoing decay primarily due to intense traffic and needs continued maintenance.


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