Washington: Dismal turnout of White Nationalists

The rally of White Nationalists led by Jason Kessler in the heart of Washington met with extremely thin presence and was largely outnumbered by hundreds of counter-protestors who stood for no hatred in US. Kessler had blamed the poor turnout on logistical and communication snags as he stated that there were issues about transportation and general confusion and fear especially after the last year’s events.

The White Nationalists were confined to a small stage along with speakers in the park where a handful of followers had gathered to listen to the speakers. They soon left the park due to bad weather and were quickly taken away in white vans.

Thus, the “Unite the Right 2” band had met with throngs of counter-protestors all over Washington who had been organised and led by atleast 40 anti-racist groups. Organizers of March for Racial Justice stated that they were here to let the world know that we all support each other and have thus gathered behind the motto of “United Against Hate”. Other protestors took turns to state that they had come to show support that bigotry and hate are not okay in United States and especially after last year’s happening in Charlottesville it was necessary to show up.

Heavy presence of security forces in full form had successfully kept both the groups separated in Lafayette Square park. Many such demonstrations by far-right members had been outnumbered by counter-protests in the past as well. The opposite rallies had been organized to combat the growing racial tensions in US.

Kessler in a separate interview, had expressed his condolences for Heather Heyer’s family and all those who were hurt when a neo-Nazi supported had drove his car into crowds of counter-protestors. Kessler, stopped short of accepting the blame for same and instead held the police responsible for Charlottesville violence for their incapacity to protect the rally and keep the situation under control. The authorities of Charlottesville had also come under grave criticism for their lack of preparedness and efficiency to act as the clashes occurred between two sides.


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