Unite the Right 2018 at Washington DC

US Capital, Washington DC is expected to get a huge rush as around 1000 anti-fascists and anti-racists will gather against a far-right rally marking one year of the “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville in Virginia.

Many counter-protests will also take place near the Washington DC’s Lafayette Park- the venue for “Unite the Right 2” event. Jason Kessler, the person behind the Charlottesville protests last year. It was in that protest, white supremacists along with alt-right members had entered into a clash with anti-racists which drew into a bloody end when a far-right protestor ran his car into a huge gathering of counterdemonstrators. The attack injured more than a dozen and took the life of 32-year old Heather Heyer. The driver, James Alex Fields Jr. has been arrested and charged on several charges including hate crimes.

The people who were injured in the last year Charlottesville attack find it shocking to see white supremacists gather again under same banner “Unite the Right” for a second consecutive year despite the tragic events which took place last year.

The counter-protests will also continue throughout the day as the far-right members will make their way to the Lafayette Park. The official website of the Unite the Right is encouraging all the participants to get US and Confederate flags to the event and expect no privacy from media.

The survivors of last year attack are under consideration to confront the far-right activists and stop their hate-laden ideology from being disseminated to the public and thus develop an anti-racist strategy.

Organiser of the March for Racial Justice group has expressed the need for people to come together and be structurally useful by disrupting the growing impact of white supremacy in US. The Security of the Capital has been beefed up and put on high alert. Separately, DC Metropolitan Police Department has stated that they are completely prepared to safeguard the rights of people for exercising the First Amendment freedom and also guarantee public safety. The Police also warned that no participant of the rally should not carry any firearm within 305m of the activity of First Amendment.

The protest comes in the middle of the internal fractures and fighting in the alt-right coalition comprising White Nationalists, White supremacist and the neo-Nazi groups. Alt-right have been shunned by many movements and universities. The Unite the Right is expected to pull up close to 400 people although police believe the numbers will be much lower.

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