Korean leaders to hold a Summit in September at Pyongyang

South Korean Unification Ministry has stated that leaders from both North and South Korea will hold the second summit in September at Pyongyang. President Moon Jae-in from South Korea and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had met for the first time in the Demilitarised Zone which divides both North and South Korea in this May which had resulted in signing of the Panmunjom Declaration. The two leaders had also agreed to push for closer relations and to work towards formally bringing an end to the Korean War.

The September Summit will be the third meeting between the two leaders. The announcement was made by the South Korean Unification Ministry after round of high-level talks between officials from both the nations held at DMZ.

President Moon has been a known advocate of increasing engagement with North Korea right from the days when he was a key presidential supporter in early 2000s. It was the culmination of intense efforts of President Moon that the Winter Olympics in January was successfully used as a medium to ease relations with North Korea. It was the success of the games which had paved way for the Inter-Korean Summit in April and the meeting of President Donald Trump of US with Kim Jong Un at Singapore in June. Latter was historic in true sense as it was the first ever meeting between sitting heads of North Korea and United States of America.

In September, President Moon will become the third head of South Korean nation to travel to Pyongyang.

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