Jordan: Assailants blow the building, security forces killed

Search teams in Jordan pulled the bodies of three assailants from under the rubble of their hideout which they had blown up after many hours of silence since they opened fire and triggered explosions which also took lives of four security men.

Five arrests were also made after the shoot-out which was seen as the deadliest one between the security forces and fighters in many years. The whole operation had given air to rising concerns about the possible strikes by both the foreign and domestic forces to destabilise the kingdom. Jordan has held a leading role in the international fight against the Islamic State in the battlegrounds of both Syria and Iraq.

The whole sequence of events started after attackers had detonated a home-made bomb under a police car which was looking over a music festival in the predominantly Christian town of Fuheis. The attack was declared as a terrorist strike by the government and had claimed the life of a police man. In the chase, to catch the attackers, the forces had reached and surrounded a multi-storey building and were trying to storm it. In retaliation, the attackers opened heavy fire on the security forces. The operation has not ended as it is being ensured that no civilian life is endangered.

The explosions have damaged the building to some extent but the forces are not yet clear about the number of assailants that took refuge in the building. No major terrorist organisation has claimed the responsibility for the attack but there are reports the attackers are nationals of Jordan.

Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz, has strongly condemned the attack and stated that Jordan will always stay ahead to fight terror which targets innocent lives and jeopardize the security and stability of the nation.

Jordan has always been a loyal ally of West including US and Israel. The Kingdom has braved many terror attacks in recent times.



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