Israel: Thousands rally against Nation-State law

Thousands of protests have taken to streets in Tel Aviv to protest against the controversial Nation-State law which consolidates the Jewish character of Israel and turns all the non-Jewish people into second-class citizens, thus cornering nearly 1.8 million Palestinians who possess Israeli citizenship and other minorities.

The protestors who took a march in Tel Aviv were demanding complete cancellation of the law. Despite the unjust law, Israeli capital witnessed solidarity for a common cause among Jews and Palestinians. Latter was evidently a clear victory of democracy. There was a common sentiment that all Israelis should be treated equally even though it is primarily a Jewish state. Even the Jews were of the larger view that all the people who reside in Israel should have equal rights in education, parliament, army etc.

The law was forwarded by PM Benjamin Netanyahu to declare that the right to self-determination of nation lies only with Jews. It also declared Hebrew as the official language while previously both Arabic and Hebrew were considered as official languages. Adding to the fuel, the law also states that the Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories are a national value and thus should be taken up encouragingly.

Although, majority of people were protesting against the law, many others were concerned about the direction in which their country was heading and ultimately turning into a fascist regime.

Similar protests were seen last week carried out by the Arabic-speaking Druze minority. Druze comprise only 2 percent of the Israeli population and are mainly found in the regions of Galilee and Carmel. They have enjoyed special status since 1950s after they were drafted into military.

PM Netanyahu strongly criticised the demonstrators and said that Israel is a Jewish state and all the individual rights of people are already factored in the fundamental law but it is the apt time to bring in the nation state law into force.

The Palestinian population of Israel are basically comprised of the descendants of people who had stayed on their land since 1948 ever since the time of establishment of state of Israel.



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