Over a million Uighurs detained in secret camps in China: UN

The chairman of the United Nations anti-discrimination committee, Gay McDougall, has stated that over 1 million Uighur Muslims are under detention and kept in counter-extremism centres in far-west China. The Committee was reviewing China’s record across recent years in Geneva and the members were highly concerned about the alleged detentions of ethnic Uighurs and other minorities.

The Committee has credible reports stating many ethnic Uighurs and Muslims have been detained in secret camps in China which have actually turned the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region into a huge internment camp which has no room for basic rights. In addition to this million, about 2 million others have been pushed into the re-education camps primarily for the purpose of political and cultural indoctrination. There was no comment from the Chinese delegation regarding the same. However, China’s ambassador to UN in Geneva had told that China was working for equality and solidarity among all the ethnic groups. The delegation instead, only mentioned the rapid rise in living standards and other economic progress.

Chairman Gay McDougall also stated that the people who have been detained have not been charged with a crime or tried in court. Different human rights groups have quoted different figures about the numbers who have been detained. But broad consensus states that there are nearly many thousands of Uighurs who have been detained and are seen as enemies of the state. There have been reports that more than 100 Uighur students who have returned from Egypt and Turkey are also in custody. Chinese administration is also detaining people for using Muslim symbolisms.


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