Iran goes defiant despite US threats

Iranian leadership pledges to stay put against US threats and continue with its oil exports even after US sanctions came into effect. President Rouhani told state media that US should not harbour any unrealistic ideas and should be prepared for all kinds of consequences. He repeated that it is impossible to stop Iran from exporting oil while other nations are doing it.

President Rouhani has not specified any particular consequences but Iran has already threatened to shut the Strait of Hormuz which comprises a vital shipping route in return for US sanctions. US has, however, not taken any serious note of the threats. President Rouhani also told North Korean Foreign Minister during his recent meeting with him that US is not trustworthy and unreliable negotiating partner. Ri Yong-ho also labelled the sanctions as unjustified and not in line with international standards.

North Korea is also facing tough US and UN sanctions over its nuclear weapons programme. Russia, Turkey and China have already stated that they will not comply with the sanctions and thus continue to trade with Iran.


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