Iran refuses to hold talks with US while under sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani  has stated that Iran will not enter any talks or negotiations with United States till economic sanctions stay on Iran. Rouhani had made a television address few hours before the sanctions were imposed on Iran. He declared that the decision of US to pull-out from the agreement clearly shows US cannot be trusted and that it is an unreliable negotiating partner.

President Trump had expressed his willingness to the leaders of Iran last month without any preconditions. Latter was, however, never agreed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Rouhani, however, stated that Trump’s offer to negotiate with Iran was aimed at dividing the Iranian society psychologically.

Trump had given his signatures on the executive order which cleared the way for the return of sanctions against Tehran which will hit many sectors of Iranian economy. It will forbid Iran to buy US bank notes and also trade in gold and metals. The sanctions are thus designed to maximise pressure on Iran as they will also block all avenues for Iran to carry out commercial aircraft purchases or trade in items like food and goods.

The official statement by White House said that President Trump will stand up against all forms of Iranian aggression and US will fully enforce sanctions on it. The second round of even more punishing sanctions will come into effect from November 05. Many Iranian businesses have already moved their assets and capital outside Iran which has led to even worsening economic conditions.

US which was the original nation in the Iran Nuclear Deal and the major signatory withdrew from the Pact in May, after President Trump labelled it as the worst deal ever to have been negotiated. He was unhappy about the sunset clauses and no mention about the growing regional influence of Iran.

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