Venezuela drone explosions: Six arrested

Venezuelan police has arrested six people over the drone explosions during an event which was presided over by the President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro has described the attack as an assassination attempt carried out by the opposition in a bid to assassinate him.

The explosion which took place as the President was giving a speech in Caracas, left him startled. The soldiers of Venezuelan National Guard, added to the chaos by running out of formation for cover.

Venezuelan Interior Minister, Nester Reverol stated that one of the suspects who was arrested was wanted since a 2017 attack on a military base while the other had been arrested even in 2014 for taking part in anti-government protests. Opposition, on the other hand stated that such incidents have been used by the government for carrying out severe crackdown on critics and even arresting best known politicians of the country.

In a Twitter statement, the Broad Front Opposition Coalition accused the government will resort to take political leverage of the incident by blaming, criminalising and detaining all those who oppose it which will only lead to deepening of human rights irregularities. Critics have also accused the government to try to exaggerate such incidents to divert the attention of people from failing economy, hyperinflation and shortages of essential supplies. Allies of Maduro have, have however presented arguments that the opposition has a history of entering into political controversies, predominantly the coup in 2002 which had toppled the Chavez government.

Eyewitnesses had described a loud explosion, strong enough to shake the buildings which was followed by falling of a little plane over a building and smoke. Soon, the firemen reached the spot to put out the flames but were unable to determine the cause of the same.

A small group named, the National Movement of Soldiers with T-Shirts have claimed the responsibility of the attack and said the resistance will continue.



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