Europe commits to uphold Iran Nuclear Deal despite US sanctions

Top diplomats of Europe have pledged to remain committed to maintain the multinational Nuclear Deal which was signed between Iran and P5+1 nations in 2015, as President Donald Trump has signed the orders which will reimpose severe sanctions on Iran. Federica Mogherini  along with foreign ministers of Britain, Germany and France vowed their support to the 2015 Pact and ensured Iran that other nations signatory to the Pact will not terminate their financial relations with Iran and will also protect Iranian oil and gas exports.

The nations together issued a statement stating that the return of sanctions by US is a regretful decision which has come after US pull-out from the JCPOA. The statement also said that the nations have agreed to preserve the Nuclear Deal as a matter of respect for the International agreements and security concerns. Any such decision has the potential of further destabilising the Middle-east.

European response was to an announcement by White House that the first round of sanctions against Iran will come into effect tomorrow and the second round from November 04. It clearly stated that President Trump will not allow Iranian aggression and thus United States will reimpose the sanctions completely. It also issued a warning that anyone who doesn’t abide by the sanctions will have to face dire consequences and will become eligible for more severe sanctions. Trump administration had always expressed dissatisfaction with many clauses in the Deal, primarily the sunset clauses.

The European nations which were signatory to the Deal have contrarily stated that Iran has fully implemented the Deal and thus the agreement is still working. It was also confirmed by European nuclear inspectors in 11 consecutive reports that Iran had completely abided by the clauses of the Deal.

President Rouhani will address his nation in response to the decision of Trump administration.





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