North Korea violating international norms: continues nuclear programme

United Nations has stated that North Korea has not stopped its nuclear programme and is infact further developing the same by secretly transferring weapons and fuel in complete disregard to international sanctions. The rogue regime continues to carry out illegal ship to ship transport by switching off the tracking systems to escape international radars. This has led to more sophisticated methods both to carry out the illicit trade.

UN Report also states that North Korea is still continuing the banned military cooperation with Syrian Arab Republic. The activities are in direct defiance of resolutions of UN Security Council as there is no stoppage of the nuclear and missile programme in addition to clandestine transfer of petroleum and coal. The rogue Asian nation has also been involved in sale of weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen in addition to supply of small weapons to both Sudan and Libya.

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State has, however, expressed hope that denuclearisation of North Korea will definitely be achieved although it will take time. He also reiterated the need for maintaining continuous diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions unless the aim is achieved.

First sanctions on North Korea were imposed in 2006 when it had undertaken its first nuclear test. The latter continued till 2017 and were further intensified in 2017 when North Korea announced the successful development of a new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile which had the potential of reaching US mainland. Mike Pompeo while on a visit to Security Conference in Singapore also said that US has valid and authentic reports of continued Russian trade with companies in North Korea.

North Korean foreign minister has however stated that the country remains committed to US-DPRK statement but the administration is concerned about the inconsistent attitudes of US.


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