US introduces sanctions on Russia: Bill from Hell

US Senate has introduced a legislation to reimpose tougher sanctions on Russia. The sanctions are a reply to Russian interference in the 2016 US Presidential elections and its activities in Syria and Ukraine. The sanctions involve strict restrictions on Russian debt transactions, oil and energy ventures, imports of Uranium by Russia in addition to sanctions on various political names of Russia. The Bill has expressed its resolved support to NATO and defines that two-thirds votes will be needed in Senate for any motion to be approved to leave the alliance.

The stock markets in Russia fell sharply over the announcement and the currency touched a two-week low.

Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the main voices behind the measure has stated that the prevailing sanctions were not enough to act as a potent deterrent to keep off Russian meddling in the upcoming elections in November. The Bill is seen as the much-needed step to pressurise and punish Kremlin so it restrains from any such acts in future.

The fate of the Bill remains uncertain as it will have to be passed both by the Senate and the House of Representatives and has to be signed by President Trump to become law.


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