US Senate passes major Defence Policy Bill

US Senate has given passage to a major defence policy bill amounting to $716 as President Trump’s initiative for a much bigger and robust military force. The John S. McCain National Defence Authorisation Act allows US military spending and has been used for a variety of policy matters. The Bill will now go to President Trump for his final approval. The new Bill has factored in security concerns emerging from government contracts with China’s ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies and thus has weaker restrictions as compared to previous versions of the same. Some Senators were not happy with the latter as they pushed for tough sanctions on China’s ZTE as it has been illegally shipping products to both North Korea and Iran.

NDAA, however, does foster the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States which carries on review of proposed foreign investments to check if they come in the way of national security.

The Bill also approves an expenditure of $7.6 billion for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet which is manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp. Additionally the delivery of advanced aircrafts to Turkey has been prohibited. US has already warned Turkey that Russian missile defence system which Ankara is supposed to buy will not be integrated into the NATO air and missile defence system.




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