Iran prepares for major exercise as tensions with US rise

Iran is reportedly preparing for a major military exercise in Gulf in the wake of rising tensions with US. Iranian government has not come to terms with the US pull-out from the Nuclear Deal and reintroduce sanctions on it. The sanctions have started to show their effect on Iranian economy. The government has expressed it resolve that it will not give in to the apparent US efforts to hit Iranian exports of oil which form a lifeline of Iranian economy.

The Central Command of US military has confirmed that it has witnessed rise in activity of Iranian navy near Gulf of Oman, Strait of Hormuz and the Arabian Gulf. The Command has ensured that it will not let any such activity hinder their freedom of navigation and free-flow of commerce. It is learnt that the Revolutionary Guards of Iran have prepared 100 or more vessels to conduct the exercises in addition to many ground troops.

As US is increasing both economic and diplomatic pressure of Tehran, the drills suggest the Iranian reply to the same. The intensified pressure on Iran may foster hardliners in the country and cement an anti-US sentiment in Iran. The Iranian currency has further dipped as the date for first round of renewed draws near. Iran has witnessed increasing number of protests based on many internal issues like power cuts, water crisis, corruption, inflation etc.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has also been summoned by the Parliament to appear and explain the deteriorating conditions.

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