Iran rejects US offer for talks

Iran has outrightly rejected President Trump’s call for unconditional talks with Iran as a humiliation  and completely useless idea especially in the wake of renewed efforts on part of US administration to reimpose sanctions on Iran after it pulled out from the Nuclear Deal. Iran has already expressed its resolve to counter US ambitions of trying to dismantle its vital oil exports and has termed US withdrawal from the Nuclear Pact as an illegal international act.

President Trump had announced the US withdrawal from the Deal in May as he was not satisfied with the sunset clauses and stated that the Deal was completely in favour of Iran. It was on Monday, President Trump had expressed willingness to meet President Rouhani without any preconditions in order to improve bilateral relations.

Iranian Foreign Ministry stated that Trump’s words and actions are completely out of sync and lack a sizeable portion of sincerity as US has re-imposed sanctions on Iran and also warned other nations to not to trade with Iran. Moreover, the offer had come after a hard warning issued by President Trump to Iran that US will give a befitting reply to anyone who threats it with a response the likes of which only a few have seen in history.

Iran has said that the proposal carries no value and weight as US has been randomly dishonouring notable international pacts and treaties. Iran has further said that if President Trump has to make up for the withdrawal from Nuclear  Deal. The proposal for talks has further fostered the alliance of hardliners in Iran. Iran has said that US is not a dependable partner to hold talks as it has shown by withdrawing from the nuclear pact and imposed fresh sanctions on Russia.


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