MH370 Probe: Controls were manipulated

In a recent report released by the investigators about MH370 Malaysia Airlines flight, it is suggested that the controls of the Boeing 777 were manipulated to steer it away from the set course although it was not found who was behind the same.

The report which runs into 495 pages gives no conclusion about the sequence of events which led to vanishing of 239 people on board as the flight took off from Beijing towards Kuala Lumpur. The report thus has failed to uncover the mystery behind the incident. There has been no conclusion as there has been no wreckage found. The main question before the authorities is that what was the reason behind the jet going off its course to thousands of miles before crashing into the Indian Ocean.

The last recorded communication from the plane was from Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah who said a “Good night, Malaysian three seven zero” the words after which the plane took a course away from the Malaysian skies. The Malaysian police had so-far kept the pilots out of suspicion but the recent findings which suggest that the in-air backward turn was manually taken and also the systems in the plane were turned off manually. Although an illegal third-party interference is also being considered. The background-check report of all the passengers from 15 different countries was also clean.

It is primarily the absence of wreckage which has led to many theories about conspiracy and has fuelled many online debates. Some theories lead to reasonable conclusions like a mechanical fault, a remote-controlled crash to an alien abduction etc.

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