Trump extends thanks to Kim for remains of Korean war soldiers

North Korea has finally transported remains of US soldiers who were killed in Korean War in 55 cases draped in flag. This marks the first step by North Korean administration to honour the promises it had made during the June 12, Singapore Summit between Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump.

The step is significant and was received positively by the White House. President Trump thanked the North Korean via his Twitter account stating “After so many years , this will be a great moment for so many families . Thank you to Kim Jong UN”. President Trump had been very positive and upbeat about his Singapore Summit with Kim Jong although no substantial commitment was done by North Korea about denuclearisation policies.

There was great media hype about Trump trying to oversell the Summit and North Korea had just made thin promises about denuclearisation but has not mentioned the way it will be undertaken and the timeline associated with it. Kim Jong Un had, however, promised Trump that he will soon destroy one of the major nuclear facilities involved in making ballistic missiles. The latter commitment was also honoured by Kim last week followed by this recent move to return the remains of the soldiers.

The act shows seriousness on part of North Korea in putting efforts to build stronger ties with US and open itself to the world.

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