Palestine to preside over Group of 77 at UN

Palestine has been chosen to preside over the Group of 77 which is the biggest bloc of developing nations at UN. The announcement has not been well received by Israel. The Group of 77 came into being in 1964 when 77 nations came together for promotion of their collective interests primarily economic and also to increase their negotiating capacity on all major economic issues of international character.

The bloc has grown over time and presently has 135 members and stand for 80 percent of the population of the world. At the UN General Assembly, the bloc presents its views as one voice. The move was confirmed by Riyad Mansour the Palestinian ambassador to UN. This is a highly significant development which enhances the stature of Palestine on an international platform where it enjoys the status of an observer non-member state.

Israel has been highly irked by the decision and stated that the primary aim of Group of 77 was to bring about economic prosperity to all the member states and are underdeveloped. Also, it is said from many sections of Israeli establishment. However, Israel’s ambassador stated that the bloc will now get reduced to anonymity and ultimately fall apart. Danon further went to say that G-77 was to facilitate only lies.

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