South Sudan: Warring parties ink power-sharing pact

The warring sides of South Sudan have finally inked an interim pact focussed on power-sharing under which Riek Machar has been reinstated as the first Vice-President of the country. The deal which is seen as a preliminary one will ultimately lead to a final deal on August 05. The deal primarily is aimed at putting an end to the civil war in the country.

The document which has been signed by both the parties covers all the pending and contentious issues during the period of transition. Salva Kiir will remain as the President of the nation while Riek Machar will be the first vice-president. In addition to Machar, the country will have four other Vice-Presidents which will be shared between other political groups and factions.

The deal will give enough window to the rival factions to form a transitional government as per the new format. The transitional government will be in place for three years. The deal involves that the transitional government will have 35 ministers- 20 from Kiir’s faction, 9 from Machar’s and rest from other groups. In addition, an independent commission will be formed which will decide on the number of provinces in the country.

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