Pakistan General Elections 2018: Imran Khan declares victory

Pakistan’s former  cricket icon-turned politician has finally declared victory in the General Elections 2018 after a day-long vote counting due to extended delays. The counting was also marred by various accusations of vote rigging by the opposition parties. In an address, Imran Khan stated that God has finally given a chance to put to implementation the ideology which he had started 22 years ago.

The supporters of Nawaz Sharif alleged the outcome as an assault on democracy as the vote count was rigged. Khan also expressed hope for building mutually beneficial ties with United States along with offering an olive branch to India by saying that if India will take one step forward towards peace, Pakistan will reciprocate by taking two. He said that both the nations should resolve their conflict over Kashmir.

Imran Khan’s victory is an example of astonishing rise to victory of a person who has fought for corruption throughout his political career on the edges of Pakistani politics. The results had a positive effect on the stock market in Pakistan. Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf PTI was in a commanding lead ever since the results started to pour in since morning. The rival political parties blamed that their monitors in many centres were driven out by force. In some cases they had not even received any official information about the same.

Imran Khan has said that he will ensure investigation into all the claims of rigging and has expressed that he will unite the whole country under his leadership.




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