Syrian fighter jet shot down by Israel

A Syrian fighter jet was shot down by Israeli army as it entered the occupied skies over Golan Heights. Syria is pushing the last stretch of fighting against the rebels in the southwest region. Israeli army took no time to bring down the aircraft as it dashed through the skies at an extremely high speed and as per the official spokesperson of Israeli army, there was no clue if the plane had deliberately crossed over into Israel airspace. The fate of the pilots is still unknown.

The Syrian State news agency SANA has confirmed that Israeli military had shot the jet in Syrian airspace as it was carrying out raids against the fighters of ISIL and other rebels. The Syrian planes were taking part in an offensive backed by Russia to recapture parts in South which the Assad government  had lost to rebels during the course of the civil war which had started in 2011. Heavy fighting continues along the Syrian frontier with Golan Heights the first time since 2011 which led to increased airforce activity in the region. Israel had expressed concerns about the breach of buffer zone which was established in 1974 which lines Golan Heights. Israeli military has stated that it will act against any breach in the armistice deal of 1974 which had defined buffer zones in Golan.

The incident is thus the first shooting of a Syrian fighter jet since the June 2017 shoot out by a US Navy F-18 Super Hornet of a Syrian plane which had fired on US-supported forces. The rising tensions between Israel and Syria has led to Russian intervention and latter has sent an envoy to Israel for holding talks with PM Netanyahu.


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