President Trump goes in Damage-Control mode

After triggering a geopolitical storm and backing the Russian President Vladimir Putin over his denial of any Russian meddling in 2016 US Presidential elections. The Presidential statements at Helsinki invited strong and critical reactions from all corners of American society with lawmakers prompting for tougher stance and sanctions on Russia. As per a poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, 55 percent of Americans were unhappy and disapproved of the events while only 37 percent were in favour of the same.

President Trump lost a golden opportunity for holding President Putin responsible for the election meddling and publicly rebuke him while the world was watching. Trump’s praise for Putin on his denial on the conclusions and allegations of US Intelligence was a historic shame registered by him which will always mark his tenure as President. US President, standing on foreign soils favoured the long-term Cold War adversary and belittled the findings of the Intelligence of his own country is an irreversible blunder which cannot be corrected soon no matter the number of resolutions which could be passed by the US Congress.

The mistake was big as even the US allies, Trump’s own staff took a tough stand against the whole event as President did not even take heart to say one word against Russia despite its past geopolitical stand in Middle-east or annexation of Crimea. Both Republicans and Democrats have accused the President for taking side of an adversary and not standing for the interests of America. Trump did not take time to correct himself on television for more than a day despite the heavy criticism which was making rounds in media. It was later after 27 hours President Trump seemed to correct his stance and stated that what he meant that there could be other people also who could be responsible. However, the statement could not plug the political crisis and labelled as mere damage control measure.



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