Helsinki Summit: Trump backs Russia on Election Meddling

The hype about the Trump-Putin Summit proved right as the President of United States backed President Vladimir Putin of Russia on his denial on the charges of election meddling. Trump stated that there is no reason to believe US Justice Department and thereby hold Russia responsible for the same.

US and Russian relations have been at the dismal end of the spectrum since many years primarily due to Russian policies of aggression. President Trump blamed the latter state of affairs on previous governments and their policies. Trump, himself showered praise on President Putin and also blamed US for its own follies of not befriending Putin.

Furthermore, he also denied any meddling had come from Russians during the US Presidential elections in 2016. The press conference which followed the summit, sent shockwaves across the world and majorly to US, where the officials from his own administration are having a tough time addressing multiple questions from press. The President’s shocking change of stance has led to a political hurricane in US and observers around the world are having a difficult time to predict the next course of action.

The most notable responses from US were from a former Chief of CIA who labelled the same as ‘treasonous’ and a Republican termed it as a ‘shameful’ act. As Trump backed the whole show President Putin strongly denied the blame. Trump’s present admiration for Putin was unstoppable as he called him a competitor and not an adversary.

Back home at US many senators stated that President had missed the opportunity to hold Russia responsible for meddling in US Presidential elections 2016 and largely undermining US democratic process.

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