British PM May wins Parliamentary vote on Brexit

British PM Theresa May has won the Parliamentary vote for leaving the European Union after submitting to pressure from supporters of Brexit in her own party. May finally bowed to the demands of the Brexit supporters and thus made herself more vulnerable as the deep divisions and differences between both the wings of the Conservative Party became more evident.

May has clarified that she will try to bag thick trade ties with EU- an aim which is completely in line with the government stance. Latter will the biggest change in foreign and trade policy stance of Britain. EU has not yet reflected on the British plans for Brexit but May has faced tough criticism from both the blocs in her own party and lost another key minister. Eurosceptics have raised fears that the strategy will keep Britain very close to the European Union.

May government also accepted the four amendments demanded by Brexit supporters within the Conservative Party regarding the customs bill. Latter which was known as the Taxation (Cross-border) Trade Bill formally only added a few more clauses than to put into law the present government policy. The new amendments have hardened the language for reciprocal collection of taxes and other duties by both Britain and EU. This mounted the fears of the supporters of Brexit that these may make the whole plan less alluring to EU and thus may not get acceptance.

The new bill which bagged 318-285 votes is all set to go to the Upper House before it becomes law. Many Eurosceptic party members have however pointed to the fact that the May Government’s plan to maintain close ties with European Union bloc is precisely a deviation from her promise of an absolute break from the 27-nation bloc post Brexit.

May government has however ruled out all possibilities of any second referendum.



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