Trump: Brexit lethal for US Trade Deal

President Trump has left another shocker and put UK on tenterhooks by stating that UK will not bag a trans-Atlantic Trade Deal with US if it goes ahead with the Brexit plan. President Trump clearly said that British PM’s decision to move ahead with Brexit plan will mean US will be trading with European Union and not UK. There has been no official response from British to President Trump’s comments.  Adding to the perceptions, President Trump also went on to state that the former Foreign Secretary of Britain can be a great Prime Minister of UK as he has got all the qualities needed for the position. Trump also said that PM May had ignored his advice on how to go about the Brexit.

The comments by US President have coincided with the date of publishing of the proposals for long-term relations with European Union which will span cooperation in trade and no hard-sealing border sealing with Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister Theresa May has been pushing for a US-UK Trade Deal especially after Brexit. PM May had described the Brexit as a brilliant opportunity to create synergy and growth in US-UK ties and mutual growth.

Trumps were given a red-carpet welcome at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, during President’s first partial-state visit to UK as a President. His remarks are critical for May as Britain is preparing to leave EU by March 2019. May has been facing tough domestic conditions as two key ministers resigned in protest last week.

PM May’s Brexit plan will retain business-friendly relations by keeping UK in a free-trade zone with EU post-Brexit. Britain will have to accept some rules of EU in return. Latter clause was approved by British Parliament last week.

Despite the extended welcome by PM May, thousands of protestors lined the roads close to Oxford to protest the arrival of Trump for the public feels President Trump has supported everything which are against the spirit of British values.




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