Mike Pompeo proceeds with nuclear talks despite roadblocks

Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State over-ruled the North Korean blame of US pursuing a “gangster-like” diplomacy while negotiating with Pyongyang on the issue of denuclearisation. Pompeo has stated that he will continue the talks with his North Korean counterparts after his scheduled meetings with Japan and South Korea.

Pompeo has expressed hope and stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will remain committed to his words of completely abandoning nuclear weapons during his meeting with US President Donald Trump in Singapore. Pompeo admitted that the two-day talks with North Korea have brought the two sides a long way forward but there has been progress made which should not be reversed. The Singapore Summit between Kim and Trump, was concluded by a wide commitment by Kim to pursue complete denuclearisation although no details were furnished. President Trump offered wide variety of guarantees and also vowed to bring a halt to massive military drills with South Korea.

The latest comments by North Korean administration after Pompeo’s visit are a reminder to the difficulties faced by last administrations of US to deal with North Korea. The statements suggest that North Korea will not agree to easy denuclearisation. Moreover, intelligence reports from US suggest that North Korea is not keen on denuclearisation. Pompeo did not meet Kim on his latest trip.

It is said that the military danger still remains as President Trump may resort to military action on pretext that diplomacy had failed to give concrete results. Japanese have thanked Pompeo for the US decision to keep the sanctions till complete denuclearisation was achieved.

Pompeo stated that the latest talks had established an agreement for formation of a ‘working-level’ group for observing day-to-day interactions between the US and North Korea. Officials from both the nations will meet at Panmunjom in the coming week to discuss the return of the remains of nearly 7000 US soldiers which had gone missing since 1950-53.




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