Larry Kudlow, Trump’s top economic aide says Trudeau betrayed US

Larry Kudlow, Chief Economic Advisor of President Trump has stated that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has betrayed us. The accusation came after President Trump left the G7 Summit to fly to Singapore for his Summit with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. President Trump had also lashed at Trudeau for what he called ‘false statements’ at a press conference. President Trump also clarified that US will not endorse the G7 communiqué- which is basically a statement defining the shared priorities in the Group.

PM Trudeau in the news conference had stated that Canada will not be pushed around by the US and will respond with befitting retaliatory measures as an answer to the US tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from Canada, EU and Mexico. Trudeau had categorically said that it is not what Canada will relish doing but will have to do.

Kudlow said that Trudeau’s comments on “domestic political consumption” were a “great disservice to the whole G7. Kudlow said that Trudeau has stabbed the US in the back. He added that the President had especially obliged Trudeau by attending the Summit even though he had a more important meeting with the North Korean leader lined up. Also, President had plans to sign the communiqué until the objectionable news conference by Trump.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland had called the US tariffs as illegal and unjustified but added that Canada will not resort to any personal attacks on an international stage. Kudlow stated that the US allies should have been more supportive of President Trump in the wake of his upcoming Summit with the North Korean leader. German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass had said that Trump’s decision of not signing the G7 communiqué was not surprising as the President had already pulled out from major international agreements without any hesitation and forethought.

The decision of not endorsing the G7 communiqué was not well received by some Senators in the US who on twitter expressed support for the allies.

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