President Trump: It is a Mission of Peace

President Trump has stated that any deal or agreement with his North Korean counterpart at the historic Summit to be held on June 12 will depend on the moment. President Trump has largely called the Summit as a “Mission of Peace”. President Trump briefed the reporters at a news conference at the G7 Summit in Quebec.

The primary issue of the Singapore Summit is the US demand for the complete denuclearization of North Korea which has now amassed weapons of mass destruction which also threaten US mainland. Pyongyang has however maintained that it will not give up its nuclear arsenal unilaterally and has defended its position on its nuclear and ballistic missile programs by stating they serve as a potent deterrent against any possible US aggression on its territory in future.

President Trump has also confirmed that an agreement with Kim Jong Un will take time and has kept minimum hopes of establishing a relationship of peace between the two nations which had shared diplomatic relations ever since. It is also reported that President Trump might extend an invitation to Kim Jong Un to visit the US.

Since the 1950-53 Korean War, 28,500 US troops are stationed in North Korea as the War was not ended formally with a peace treaty but only a truce which continues till date.

Trump told, “I think within the first minute I’ll know. Just my touch, my feel. That’s what I do. And if I think it won’t happen-I’m not going to waste my time. I don’t want to waste his time”. President Trump has repeatedly bragged about his negotiation skills as a real estate developer.

Kim Jong Un will arrive in Singapore on Sunday.


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