Turkey: Migrant re-admission with Greece put to halt

Turkey has put to halt its migrant re-admission deal with Greece a few days after latter released 8 Turkish soldiers after they had fled from Turkey after an attempted coup in 2016. The troops were released earlier this week as their custody order had expired while their asylum applications have still not been settled.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that the bilateral re-admission agreement with Greece has been suspended. The Minister stated that he believed the government of Greece will resolve the issue with Turkish soldiers but the same did not happen as the judges were under Western pressure. Greek courts have rejected repeated requests of extradition of Turkish soldiers who were suspected of the coup of 2016. The soldiers, however, have said they are innocent and have denied any wrong. The soldiers had arrived in Greece a few hours after the coup failed and after killing and wounding many. It was in July 2016, that Turkish tanks had taken to streets and the fighter jets had dropped bombs on their own Parliament. The coup was suppressed leading to a state of emergency and arrests of thousands of people. The Western allies condemned the government crackdown as they labelled it as an attempt to silence the opposition. Under the Deal with Greece, 1209 foreign nationals have been deported to Turkey from Greece in last two years.

He, however, stated that a separate Turkish deal with EU on migrants will continue.




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