Iran not to cooperate with nuclear inspectors

Tehran has firmly expressed its resolve to go ahead with the expansion of its enrichment facility and has presented detailed plans to build advanced centrifuges and other machines which are involved in uranium enrichment. Iran has also stated that it will no more cooperate with the atomic inspectors till the air around the nuclear deal is clear.

France is said to have warned Iran against going ahead with the preparations to boost its nuclear enrichment capability. Ever since US President Donald Trump pulled out of the JCPOA, European nations have been trying hard to save the same. The US has however stated that it will impose the most stringent sanctions on Iran ever to have been seen in history.

Foreign and Finance ministers from France, Germany and Britain have written to US officials for reinforcing their commitment to save the Deal and also excuse the European firms which actively operate in Iran from secondary US sanctions. The consequences of Iranian pull-out from the Deal along with its resolve to further the enrichment of uranium will completely destabilise the already strife-ridden region.

The Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei has already ordered the regime to start preparing for increasing the nuclear enrichment capacity. The same has been informed to the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA. US Secretary of State has, in turn, vowed to not let Tehran pursue its aim of developing a nuclear weapon. The Nuclear Chief of Iran last week inaugurated facility in Natanz Plant for building advanced centrifuges. The Plant will be completely operational in a month. The move has sent a loud message to the West that Iran will not give in to any pressures, although it is not in violation of the nuclear deal.

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