US: Strong sanctions on North Korea to continue

The United States of America has firmly stated that the North Korean sanctions will remain and that the policy has not changed or being revised. President Trump expressed hope and positivity after meeting the top North Korean officials. He, however, stated that he will no more use the term ‘maximum pressure’ as there was progress in relations between the two. President Trump although clarified that no new sanctions will be imposed further.

Thus, the White House spokesperson also clarified that powerful sanctions on North Korea remain and will continue until there is complete denuclearization. The Trump administration’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaign has been credited with the fact of pushing North Korea to the negotiating table.

The two nations are preparing for the big Summit and it is said that the same will be held at 9 am Singapore time on June 12. Many senior Democrats have urged Trump to not to enter into any deal which does not denuclearise North Korea and continue to maintain or further toughen the existing sanctions if the conditions are not met. Any easing of sanctions will need to be passed by the Congress as the sanctions were initially approved by the Congress. Any such legislation will thus require 60 votes and the Republicans have only 51 seats. Thus, Democrat support is unavoidable for any tangible progress on the matter.


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